Pop star Madonna is off to Portugal to support her son that joined Benfica youth academy with the hope of playing professional soccer.

The singer reportedly bought a house in the Portuguese capital Lisbon as she hopes to get comfy ahead of her 11-year old son resuming the academy.

Reports were rife in the European city that the singer no longer just visited; she bought a house in preparation for permanent stay. She would end her stay at a Lisbon hotel and move into the house in the resort of Sintra, north-east of Lisbon. She now owns a house in the city as other celebrities like Michael Fassbender, John Malkovich and Monica Bellucci.

The house costs up to £7 million as it is a 19th century building. Her adopted son from Malawi back in 2006, Banda would be training at the club’s training ground in Seixal, Correio da Manha. He was accepted following a test this spring. He would train at the academy until he resumes a French school in Lisbon.

The 59-year old star has three other children she adopted from Malawi. She was in the news recently for accepting undisclosed damages from Associated Newspapers for an article they published about four-year old twins’ girls she adopted. The articles revealed details about the children that she had worked hard to shield. She adopted the children from an orphanage in Malawi while awaiting the final terms of adoption. Her lawyers claim the damages would be donated to the Mercy James Institute for Paediatric Surgery in Malawi.