Benfica manager happy with team

Benfica manager RuiVitória is proud of his team after they win their game against Porto by 1-0. The match leaves Benfica at the top of the table with 17 points. He said that it was important to win this game to show to the rest of the league that they are a serious contender for the title.

RuiVitória said that it was not an easy game as Porto is a very good side. He said that his players had to be at their best in order to win the game and that he is proud of what they have achieved. He said that his players have been magnificent since the start of this season and that they have shown their quality yet again in the match against Porto.

RuiVitória said that his team started the match and took control of the game from the start and did not allow the opposition time and space on the ball. He said that Porto has some really good players and that they can hurt you if you show them too much respect.

He said that the objective of the team was to pressurize the opposition players in order to get the ball as quickly as possible.

RuiVitória said that it is important that his players do not get carried away by the results as it is still too early in the season. He said that they need to continue to work hard in order to progress as a team. He said that they want to win the title but it will not be easy as there are some other strong teams in the Portuguese league. He said that they will have to focus on the next games which include Champions League ties just after the international break.